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GAME #20: PHI v. Scottie Upshall
November 21, 2009

Upshall signing his stick for me at MSG earlier this year.

I’m going to be honest. I was one of those people that was ridiculously pissed after Scottie Upshall and a 2011 second round draft pick were traded to Phoenix last year for…Dan Carcillo. It’s not that the Flyers lost a phenomenal hockey player in Upshall, but a (female) fan favorite and some salary. I still hold it against Carcillo and don’t really like him. Sorry. Deal with it. Obviously, it’s not his fault and he’s a victim of circumstances, but that’s too bad because he’s ugly and apparently allergic to shaving his upper lip on a daily basis. One of the major storylines for the Philadelphia media tonight is sure to be Upshall playing against his former team. Yay. Not current Flyer Dan Carcillo’s return to the dessert. Sorry. No one cares. I’m going to make absolutely sure that I’ll be there when Upshall makes his Coyotes debut at the Wach next year.

Let’s take a look at both guys’ preformances since the trade last March, keeping in mind that Upshall has gotten much more time on ice than Carcillo since switching teams:

Upshall: 29 Games Played. 15 Goals. 6 Assists. 21 Points. +4. 50 PIM. 2 Game Winners.
Carcillo: 29 Games Played. 2 Goals. 5 Assists. 7 Points. +1. 124 PIM. 0 Game Winners.

Um, yeah.

So this is what I’m purposing.
I have e-mailed Kevin Kurz, Paul Holmgren, and Ed Snider.
After the game tonight, the Flyers casually inform Dan Carcillo he has been traded and shove him back into Phoenix’s home locker room and lock the door. Take Scottie Upshall on the plane with them to Colorado and rent that apartment for him in Center City. Forever. Let Phoenix keep the draft pick, they’ll need it when they get relocated. Upshall will just use Carcillo’s sweater and vice versa. The NHL never even has to know! Bam, everyone’s happy and the Flyers got that much more good looking. That sounds completely fool-proof, right? Don’t mess it up, Flyers!

Extra Attackers: Flyers/NHL Headlines
November 21, 2009

You see this feature in basically every topical blog. Links and quick thoughts on whatever’s up on a particular day. In sports blogs, they’re usually titled with some clever terminology from that sport, and this one’s no different.

Some Flyers-based notes as you try to contain yourself thinking about Dan Carcillo’s return to Phoenix and Scottie Upshall’s return to Philadelphians’ TVs…

  • I, myself, am not fond of reading recaps after I stayed up until 12:30am to watch a Flyers loss, but just in case you are, [Broad Street Hockey], [Frank Seravelli at the Philly Daily News], and [The Panotch at CSNPhilly] have you completely covered.

  • Did you see Mike Richards block a shot with his balls last night? I’m a woman, so I can’t say for sure, but damn, that must’ve hurt.

  • The terrible ice at the HP Pavilion didn’t stop the McDouchey and whiny Dany Heatley from recording a hat-trick last night, while his very respectable teammate Joe Thorton picked up his 600th career assist. And the [Sharks Staff Writer] reminds us of that. Thanks, jerks.

  • If you weren’t ecstatic when the Flyers waived Randy Jones, you should’ve been. But take a look at this NHL headline from [FOX Sports]: “Randy Jones has gone from being a Flyers cast-off to a key contributor in the Kings’ rise from mediocrity to respectablility.” Not only did they spell “respectability” wrong, they make him sound like kind-of a good player. Both are entirely unacceptable.

  • [Frank Seravelli], or F-Sera as I like to call him has a pretty intense blog on the Richards’ hit on Booth a few weeks ago. I know what you’re thinking: the hit was perfectly legal, it was a hockey, and Richards was “just trying to separate Booth from the puck. All of those things are true. But take a look at this Q & A excerpt that the Sporting News checking up with David Booth just recently.

    Question: I imagine the best advice is to not rush back?
    Booth: That’s the biggest thing. You feel good during the day, you want to get back out there … I hate doing nothing. I feel like a slob. I want to do anything I can. It’s been difficult.

    Question: So what do you do to pass the time?
    Booth: Nothing … The first couple of weeks, I’d go for a walk or something and I found that to be detrimental … I think I just have to do nothing.

Game #19: Caracharodon carcharias
November 20, 2009

From gadgetcat on flickr.

From gadgetcat on flickr.

A very quick look at tonight’s Flyers and Sharks battle as the game starts in 12 minutes. I’m sorry and the real previews will be much better, I pinky promise.

Caracharodon carcharias, the scientific name for the Great White Shark, get it? I’m a nerd.


  • Mr. Ray Emery will be the guy in between the pipes tonight for the O & B.
    -O & B sounds like a monopoly railroad, doesn’t it?

  • At this very second, Jeff Carter leads the Flyers in points at 19.
  • The Flyers lost the last game to the Sharks 4-1 at home in a truly uninspired loss goalie’d by Brain “The Waterboy” Boucher.


  • Danny Briere will have at least one goal tonight.

If you want to take an acual look at tonight’s game, see Flyers’ Goal Scored By! preview here.

As Mac from Always Sunny would say: Heyyyooo! Go Flyers, bitches.