You think John Stevens hates those things as much as I do?

You think John Stevens hates those things as much as I do?

Here’s the story, here’s what you need to know:

  • A. The header and name of the blog represents a few things. First, it’s Mike Richards, obviously. He’s my favorite. See, (C.). The title is “Always Flyers”, because it’s a small, tiny reference to “Always Sunny” as in, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, my favorite fucking show ever. It’s probably the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. The font used is supposed to be like the thick cursive style used for the title card of the show. Hey, it’s not exactly the same, but it’s the closest I could get. And, of course, the font font on the white blocks is supposed to be a tribute to the Flyers’ nameplates on the back of their jerseys that are growing on me more every day.
  • B. I use a lot of commas! Mostly because I try to say a lot in one sentence. Always have, always will. It’s really just the way I write. I try to use commas so that when someone is reading my stuff, they interpret it the way I would say it, as if I was speaking to them. Four commas already! It’s sort of ridiculous and I apologize ahead of time.
  • C. I’m not sure how often I’ll be updating this. I’ll try; I really will! It’s just that I’ve tried keeping blogs in the past, and I would post for a day or two and then stop. I can’t write if I’m not in the mood, it just doesn’t come out well. It’s not that I don’t like blogging (obviously) it’s just that I don’t always want to do it. Which, sort of sucks, because the Flyers are constantly updating themselves through games, and press conferences, and if I don’t blog for just one weekend, I could miss a lot of stuff and by the time I do post, all of that is like a week to two weeks old. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s just see how long this lasts.
  • D. I love Mike Richards. (But, don’t we all?) Just a warning. I seriously try not to sound like I’m a crazy “fan-girl”, as that is really freaking annoying. You know people like: “Oh my god! Mike Richards! He’s so adorable! I’m gonna marry him!” It’s not quite like that; that bad and straight-up irritating. Is he good looking and does he have a really cute smile? Yeah. You know he is and does, too. There’s no sense in lying to yourself. I panic when he gets hit, and go crazy when he scores one of his notorious(!) short handed goals. I’m just a female Flyers fan. I’ll try to keep the babbling about how cute some of the players are to a minium. Can I say it once though? Damn, Mike Richards is gorgeous.
  • E. I just started following the Flyers in February of 2008. I can remember that because the Flyers were in the middle of that absolutely horrid 10 game losing streak. I haven’t followed hockey for all that long compared to most other people, but I am a true fan, that much I know. I’m also a Yankees fan. I live about 20 minutes more away from New York City, then I do Philadelphia, so don’t judge me. Baseball was the first sport I took interest in, and the Yankees are the first professional team I’ve ever liked. I’m an Eagles fan too, but that takes a backseat to hockey & baseball. I could probably choose a favorite but, the space between the two ranks would be so small it wouldn’t even be worth noting.

I know no one read all of that, so I’m not sure why I bothered.

Step One: Create a new blog.
Step Two: Put your thoughts in a post!
Step Three: Make ’em read the posts.

And that’s the way you do it,
it’s my thought’s in a post!
My thoughts in a post, bay-ee-abe.

That’s a “D**K In A Box” reference because I love The Lonely Island.

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