Extra Attackers: Flyers/NHL Headlines
November 21, 2009

You see this feature in basically every topical blog. Links and quick thoughts on whatever’s up on a particular day. In sports blogs, they’re usually titled with some clever terminology from that sport, and this one’s no different.

Some Flyers-based notes as you try to contain yourself thinking about Dan Carcillo’s return to Phoenix and Scottie Upshall’s return to Philadelphians’ TVs…

  • I, myself, am not fond of reading recaps after I stayed up until 12:30am to watch a Flyers loss, but just in case you are, [Broad Street Hockey], [Frank Seravelli at the Philly Daily News], and [The Panotch at CSNPhilly] have you completely covered.

  • Did you see Mike Richards block a shot with his balls last night? I’m a woman, so I can’t say for sure, but damn, that must’ve hurt.

  • The terrible ice at the HP Pavilion didn’t stop the McDouchey and whiny Dany Heatley from recording a hat-trick last night, while his very respectable teammate Joe Thorton picked up his 600th career assist. And the [Sharks Staff Writer] reminds us of that. Thanks, jerks.

  • If you weren’t ecstatic when the Flyers waived Randy Jones, you should’ve been. But take a look at this NHL headline from [FOX Sports]: “Randy Jones has gone from being a Flyers cast-off to a key contributor in the Kings’ rise from mediocrity to respectablility.” Not only did they spell “respectability” wrong, they make him sound like kind-of a good player. Both are entirely unacceptable.

  • [Frank Seravelli], or F-Sera as I like to call him has a pretty intense blog on the Richards’ hit on Booth a few weeks ago. I know what you’re thinking: the hit was perfectly legal, it was a hockey, and Richards was “just trying to separate Booth from the puck. All of those things are true. But take a look at this Q & A excerpt that the Sporting News checking up with David Booth just recently.

    Question: I imagine the best advice is to not rush back?
    Booth: That’s the biggest thing. You feel good during the day, you want to get back out there … I hate doing nothing. I feel like a slob. I want to do anything I can. It’s been difficult.

    Question: So what do you do to pass the time?
    Booth: Nothing … The first couple of weeks, I’d go for a walk or something and I found that to be detrimental … I think I just have to do nothing.